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Research Overview

The Scherman Group is made up of a diverse mix of scientists. We are comprised of individuals with a range of backgrounds from chemists to pharmacists, engineers and biologists.

Our team embraces non-traditional approaches to push towards scientific breakthroughs. Led by the most exciting and meaningful science, we cover a broad range of topics and possess diverse expertise. At the core of the group lies control and molecular-level understanding of dynamic interactions. This fundamental concept manifests itself in numerous ways across the group's research portfolio.

We continuously seek out exciting and innovative ways to advance our understanding of our systems, often driven by real-world applications and need. Collaboration is an integral part of our ethos and we firmly believe that through collaboration, inclusivity, diversity, and curiosity, we are poised to conduct world-leading research with tangible real-world applications.
The Scherman Group is an exciting place to be, fostering an environment where each member can carve out their own research niche and flourish as independent researchers. Simultaneously, we encourage the sharing of expertise and insights among group members, accelerating and elevating their research endeavors. 

Core Research Areas

Wider Research Areas

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