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Image by Christian Lendl

Scherman Lab Alumni

The Scherman Lab has a global alumni who have gone on to do a range of exicting and interesting things!
A full list of past and current Scherman Group Members (PDRA, PhD, MPhil and Part III) can be found here.

Next Steps for Scherman Group Alumni

Next Steps - PhD students

Around 50% of PhD students remain in academia following their time in the Scherman Group. The remaining group members are split between following careers in industry (35%) and starting their own companies (15%).
Lab Worker

Next Steps : Part III Students

We see a roughly 50:50 split in Part III students between remaining in academia and persuing a PhD or going into Industry.
Image by Kirsten Drew

Next steps - PDRAs

Approximately 75% of our PDRAs remain in academia and go on to either other PDRA positions, early career fellowships or to start their own independent academic career. The remaining 25% is split between industry (23%) and start ups (2%).
Professor Lecturing on Stage

Next Steps: MPhils

The majority (85%) of MPhil Students remain in academia and go on to persue PhDs. The remaining 15% choose to go into Industry.
Image by Julius Dūdėnas

Group Photos

Melville Group 2019-2404 taken by Nathan Pitt, ©University of Cambridge.jpeg
Scherman Group 2019
Back row (L to R): Wiebke Schnettger (Visitor), Sebastian Reijman (Visitor), Dr Marlous Kamp (PDRA), David Xu (MPhil), Dan Whitaker (PhD), Charlie Readman (PhD), Prof. Oren A. Scherman (PI), Dr Zehuan Huang (PDRA), Xiaoyi Chen (PhD), Théo Baissas (Visitor), Dr Elisabetta Spigone (Group Manager), Chris Parkins (PhD)
Front row (L to R): Menandro Cruz (PhD), Jade McCune (PDRA), Nina Warner (PhD), Katie King (PhD), Stefan Mommer (PDRA), Youngjoo Ahn (Visitor), Shintaro Kawano (PDRA), Vijay Rana (PDRA), Anton Graf (MPhil), Dr Guanglu Wu (PDRA), Beini Zhan (MPhil), Benjamin Qi Yu Chan (Visitor), Dr Kamil Sokołowski (PDRA), Yimeng Wang (Visitor).
Melville group photos 2014-8717-high res.jpeg
Scherman Group 2014
L to R: Ivan Salon (Visitor), Dr Lora Angelova (PDRA), Dr Ji Liu (PDRA), Madga Olesinska (PhD), Alex Groombridge (PhD), Setu Kasera (PhD), Dr Guolei Xiang (PDRA), Dr Enass Abo-Hamed (PDRA), Rosie Janeček-Coad (PhD), Natalia Carneiro (Visitor), Prof. Oren Scherman (PI), Dr Yang Lan (PDRA), Cindy Tan (PhD), Yuchao Wu (PhD), Chenyan Liu (PhD), Matt Rowland (PhD), Jade McCune (PhD), Silvia Sonzini (PhD), Dominique Hoogland (PhD), Sabrina Engel (Visitor), Rebecca Forster (PhD).
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